Carmen – anmeldelser

2. februar kan du se Georges Bizets operklassiker Carmen direktesendt på Bergen Kino, Lillehammer Kino, Hamar Kino, Trondheim Kino og Lørenskog Kino. Forestillingen starter kl 19 og vi anmoder publikum om å være ute i god tid.

Reprising the role with which she made her 2017 company debut, Clémentine Margaine brought the same dramatic energy and expressive portrayal that made her first appearance so memorable. Few are the singers who can project such rich inner life while standing silently on the apron.- New York Classical Review

In the title role, Clémentine Margaine was a seductive firebrand. From her entrance in Act one, her expressions and gestures were charged with a tension well-suited to the timeless man-eater, and a number of dramatic and musical directions seemed to emphasize Margaine’s seductive quality. – OperaWire

This Carmen was fascinating because she began and ended as a mystery. Volumes of thought and emotion transpired behind those drooping eyes and that crooked little smile, but at all times, even the moment of her death, she remained unknowable and (therefore) unpossessable. – Observer