The Madness of King George III – anmeldelser

The Madness of King George blir direkteoverført fra Nottingham Playhouse i England til utvalgte norske kinoer. Forestillingen ser du på Bergen Kino og Hamar Kino tirsdag 20. november kl 20. De strenge britiske kritikerne har enten gitt forestillingen full pott og 5 stjerner eller 4 stjerner.

Gatiss and Adrian Scarborough are electric together in a technically striking outing for Alan Bennett’s modern classic – The Guardian

Why revive this play now? It is clearly a perfect star vehicle for Gatiss. But lines that might metastasise Bennett’s 1991 resonances to 2018 – a government consumed by constitutional stalemate? The leader of the western world an imbecile? – are thrown away or undeveloped. Nevertheless, this is a technically excellent production of a modern classic. – The Guardian

Gatiss rises to the challenge – The Stage

This Adam Penford directed Alan Bennett play looks a clever choice, especially with added celebrity firepower in the form of Mark Gatiss, Adrian Scarborough and Debra Gillett. It turns into a fascinating, intelligent exploration of power and its explicit or subtle shifting, as fortunes and faculties between Kings and Queens, doctors and politicians fluctuate. – WhatsOnStage

These political and personal conflicts from the past resonate with today’s world. The beating heart of the drama, though, and of Adam Penford’s artful production, is the king’s own internal conflict. Here is a man who knows he is sane and who knows that his actions make him appear insane. Whether haughtily regal and mildly eccentric, or blubbering in his speech and wildly disordered in his movements, Mark Gatiss is sensational. Through him we feel George’s agonies of body and mind: a suppurating-skinned, sentient creature tortured by ill-judged “cures”; a king become a thing to his subjects. Restored, he reunites appearance and reality: the king is seen to be himself again through a pomp-filled public ceremony. – The Guardian

If you want to see Mark Gatiss come into his own as a leading theatre actor, like some bald eagle taking magnificent wing, then hie thee to Nottingham or head to a cinema in a few weeks’ time when his spell-binding tour de force in Alan Bennett’s The Madness of George III will get broadcast to the wider world. – Telegraph

Mark Gatiss gives a strong but essentially comic performance as Alan Bennett’s mad King George – The Times