Mayerling fra Royal Opera House – Anmeldelser

The Royal Ballet season opens with a plunge into glittering darkness. Created for this company 40 years ago, Kenneth MacMillan’s Mayerling presents the steep decline of Crown Prince Rudolf of Austria, who died in a murder-suicide with his teenaged mistress, Mary Vetsera. The ballet is a stunning depiction of a repressed, repressive court, of lust and need and madness – Independent

Ballet may be crammed full of princes, but Mayerling’s Rudolf is not your average, cut-and-paste nobleman.
Dark and dangerous, with a blossoming drug habit and serious mother issues (not to mention an unfortunate tendency to shoot guests dead during hunting parties), he’s a difficult man to love. Yet this prince is more trainwreck than terror — and who can’t identify with that? – Standard

Sex, violence, power, madness, drug addiction, venereal disease – Kenneth MacMillan’s knockout ballet ‘Mayerling’ has it all. Forty years since its creation, its savage choreography still has the power to shock, as it charts the grubby (true) tale of Crown Prince Rudolph of Austria-Hungary, his mental disintegration and his descent into a crazed death pact with his teenage mistress, Mary Vetsera. – TimeOut